State vs religion: Is Sarah Palin a witch?

For someone who stands strongly up for separation of church and state, this is impossible to make any difference between this prayer at DNC, which mixes politics and religion and uses both in a confusing way:

And this delirious worship :


Anonymous said...

Personally I am glad they do prayer at events like this. What I hate is when the prayer leaders assume that everyone in the audience is Christian. I don't have a problem with them saying "God", but when they say in the name of your son "Jesus", then that basically alienates a lot of folks who believe in God, but not in Jesus.

In terms of Pallin - she is a extreme religious nut. How can anyone not believe in Dinosaurs or evolution. That makes me wonder just how screwed up our education system would become for science curriculum and other areas.

Anonymous said...

Witches.Lol. What is this the 1600s. And I thought Rev Wright was crazy.